Best Left-Handed Archery Bow

Left-handed archers live in a right-handed world. Frankly speaking however, we all do- the fact isn’t something that is confined to just archery. Statistically, 10 to 15 percent of the population is left-handed, and so, naturally products are primarily catered to this vast majority. In archery, the way you shoot should pertain to eye dominance, rather than hand preference. Unfortunately, right-handed dominance can make life difficult when lefties go shopping for a left-handed bow and related equipment.

Left-Handedness And The Speed Of The Mind

At first sight it seems a fairly simple matter to say what is meant by being right-handed or left-handed, but a little consideration soon shows that this very simplicity is a source of difficulty. We say that a person is right-handed if he for preference uses his right hand rather than his left to carry out the more skilled kinds of movement and is more skillful at such movements with his right hand than with his left. The converse is true of a left-handed person. Handedness, therefore, is nothing absolute; it is a question of degree, a preference based upon a skill with which the two hands are used. Moreover, it takes no account of the actual degree of skill present, nor does it imply any cause for the difference.

Left Handedness and the Genetic Markers Associated with it

Left‐handedness occurs in about 8% of the human population. It runs in families and an adoption study suggests a genetic rather than an environmental origin. Since prehistoric times, left-handed individuals have been ubiquitous in human populations, exhibiting geographical frequency variations. Evolutionary explanations have been proposed for the persistence of the handedness polymorphism. Left-handedness could be favored by negative frequency-dependent selection. Data have suggested that left-handedness, as the rare hand preference, could represent an important strategic advantage in fighting interactions. However, the fact that left-handedness occurs at a low frequency indicates that some evolutionary costs could be associated with left-handedness. Overall, the evolutionary dynamics of this polymorphism are not fully understood. So, it might come as a surprise to some that the first genetic markers associated with imparting the left handed gene have now been discovered.

7 Legendary Soccer Players who are left-handed

From Bill Gates; philanthropist and millionaire to Oprah Winfrey, From Barack Obama to Napoleon Bonaparte; the legendary French military commander- these people, despite being from varied times in history have one thing in common; Left-Handedness. These prominent figures fall with other ‘lefties’ to constitute about 30% of the world’s population. The general attitude towards these left-handers had not always been positive. Up until the early 19th century, mothers urged children to right with their right hand, schools and universities forcibly promoting the same agenda as well. A large representation of left-handed sports persons, especially in interactive sports like soccer, tennis, basketball et al.