Best left-handed playing cards in 2022

Left handed playing cards. No right-handed person ever noticed the flaw.

Best Playing cards for left-handed people

Lefty's True Left-Handed Playing Cards

2 Decks of Left-Handed Playing Cards with the suits printed so that they can only be read when fanned in the right hand. Left-handers often have a problem with right-handed decks when they try to fan in their right hands - this deck reverses the problem!

Suits printed on opposite corners so a lefty can fan in right hand, seeing the numbers in the corners, and then play cards with left.

To ease your worries- if a right-handed and fans the deck in their left hand, the numbers in the corners aren't visible.

I May Be Left-Handed but I'm Always Right Playing Cards with 4 Indices

2 Decks of Golden Gate Bridge Playing Cards with "Always Right" Saying. Suits printed in all four corners so a lefty can fan in right hand and see the suits and play cards with left.

Indices in all four corners for ease of playing with the left hand.

This is a great gift idea for the left-handed card player or for a family of mixed handedness.

The double pack is perfect for card games requiring more than one identical deck.

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