The Best Notebooks and Planners for Left-Handed Kids in 2022

These planners are a mirror image of planners that we see every day, meant to be used by right-handed children. The normal planners have the binder running along the left-hand side of the book, interfering with smoothness and speed of writing.

Left-handed planner and calendars have the binding wire on the right side, so it will not interfere with left-handed writing. There are a multitude of planners available in the market today, so there is a lot of options to choose from. Most of the planners open from back to front and comes with calendars with inspirational quotes littered over the book. These planners help with easier writing and increases convenience for left-handed people.

Do they work? The binder positioning is a definite plus, and the quirky designs are always an added bonus to get kids to use them. Most parents have loved the results, opting for personalizing designs as well!
Very similar to planners, these notebooks are curated to be used by left-handed people. Right-handed notebooks can be inconvenient because of the positioning of the binder, meant to be used by right-handed people.
Left-handed notebooks come with the spiral binding on the right-hand side, that does not obstruct writing. Another crucial point to be noted is the left-handers require notebooks to lay flat while open. This is not a problem that right-handers face, as they use their non-dominant hand to hold the book open while they write. Left-handed notebooks solve these problems and aid in smoother and precise writing. These books also come with paper that enables quick drying of ink, that may reduce smearing.

Left handed Calendars, Notebooks & Planner

Left-handed" Lefties Rule" Wide Ruled Notebook

These popular "Lefties Rule" notebooks feature a useful 10" left-handed ruler on the cover. One subject, wide-ruled spiral notebook, 100 pages, with a sturdy plastic cover designed to survive sticky fingers.

Designed with the spiral on the right so lefties can use the notebook without resting their arms on the spiral. Sheets are punched with 3 holes and perforated for tearing out and putting into 3 ring binders.

Opens from left to right with the spiral on the right side so lefties can write without pressing their wrists into the spiral. Much more comfortable; encourages good writing habits and posture.

Roaring Spring Lefty 1 Subject College Ruled Left-Handed Spiral Notebook

One subject wire bound notebook designed for left-handed people. The wire is on the right side, so it will not interfere with left-handed writing. Smooth, white, 15# writing paper is college ruled with a red margin line.

Sheets are micro-perforated for easy and clean tear-out to 11" x 8.5". Covers are produced from 16-point Saranac board, and are packed in 4 assorted colors. There is 1 double storage pocket located under the front cover in each book.

Wire ends are coil-locked for snag-proof performance. Each book is 11" x 9" and contains 100 sheets of writing paper.

The Left-Hander's 2020 Weekly Planner Calendar

Designed especially for left-handers, with planning page on the left and the spiral binding on the right for ease of use, The Left-Hander's 2019 Weekly Planner Calendar offers funny and profound quotations from lefties, anecdotes celebrating the lives and accomplishments of southpaws, and lists of famous left-handers and their many achievements through the ages.

The paper is sturdy and makes for a comfortable writing experience.

Matt Black PU Leather Notepad Holder for Right or Left-Handed Businessmen/Women

This notepad is designed to be an ambidextrous PU leather portfolio so it's suitable for the left-handed or right-handed business professional. Simply rotate 180 degrees!

A light & thin portfolio folder to carry everything you need all day long. Weighs just over 14 ounces and 2cm thick.

The magnetic closure helps you securely carry your business cards and debit / credit cards in the 7 card slots, 1 owner ID card in the clear card slot, up to 3 pens, 1 notebook and loose papers in the side pocket.

Comes with a top-loading, lined, US Letter-sized (8.5x11") writing pad & owner ID card. All you need to add is your favorite pen!

Like all Lautus Designs' products, if there are any issues, get a free, no-hassle replacement with a 1-year warranty.

2020 Weekly Planner: A Layout for Left Handed People

This planner was designed by a lefty with the left-hander in mind.

This 2020 Weekly Planner has a weekly planning page for each week of the year on the left side of the page so you can write your goals, appointments and plans.

The right side of the page is blank (with a simple design in the corner) for doodling, stickers, quick notes and more. Why no lines? Because, on the right side of a book, it's hard for a lefty to write on or stay within the lines. With a blank slate, a left-handed person can write sideways, right ways or anyways they want!

For writing, it's recommended to use a pen or pencil - do not use markers or heavy inks or the ink may bleed through. The cover is a smooth surface with a faux marble look

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We have researched thousands of products for left-handed people. 

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