The Best Electric Guitar Bundles for Left-Handed Musicians

​Left-handed guitar players? More likely than you think! With approximately 10 to 15% of the population being left-handed, it comes as no surprise that several popular guitarists were and are left-handed. Probably the most famous one to name is Jimi Hendrix, who went down in history as one if not the most famous guitarist of all time – and being left-handed! Now if you are a newbie looking to pluck a few strings and make some music, then we are here to walk you through our favorite guitars made especially for our south paws. Before we’re good to go, here are a few things to note that’ll narrow down the selection process tremendously.

A suggestion that most left-handed players will give you is to actually pay a visit to a physical store. Go in and ask the salesperson for assistance, pick an electric guitar, place it in position and strum a few notes with both your hands. This will help you fixate on your dominant hand, which is the first step in the overall process.

Another tip is to visit a music coaching/training center to do the same thing. The tutors there will have better idea on what you are looking for and can help guide you in the right direction.

It is always good to remember that playing the guitar is an activity meant for both the hands. When starting out, the fretting hand (non-dominant) requires more strength and co-ordination than the picking hand (active, dominant hand).

With time and practice, you’d be able to alternate between both left and right-handed guitars. Need examples? Paul Simons and Glen Frey are two exceptional left-handed players who could alternate between their fretting and picking hand.
That being said, lets look at our top 3 picks for best electric guitar bundles of 2020.

Electric guitar bundles for left handed people

LyxPro Left Hand 39 Inch Electric Guitar and Starter Kit Bundle

This electric guitar bundle comes with all the essential necessities; the full-size 39" electric guitar for left hand, 20W amplifier, Digital clip-on tuner, 6 steel strings, 2 picks, Tremolo bar, Shoulder strap and a Carrying bag. You’ve everything you need to start playing right away.

The guitar comes with an appropriate scale made with quality assured materials like premium Rosewood on the fingerboard, Canadian Maple on the straight neck and the volume/tone knobs.

The 20-watt amplifier is probably what makes this bundle stand out from others at the same price point, with its built-in speaker, headphone jack & aux input for playing along to music on a phone or MP3 Player. The integrated controls include gain, bass, treble, volume & grind. The amplifier itself takes up minimal space and delivers an unbeatable quality performance and loudness without any crackles or squeals.

Why is the set so great for beginners? The bundle comes with a battery-operated mini clip-on tuner & instruction book teaches kids to tune their guitar for best sound quality.

The tuner that comes with this set is small and pretty indiscreet, giving the best possible sound quality and is compatible with tuning apps to boot. You can download this tuning apps onto your phone to help you with the occasion fine tuning you’ll need.

The gig bag is perfect for keeping stuff off your guitar and to keep it from getting scratched up. The lack of padding is made up for by the overall sturdy material.

The accessories and add on-s work in sync with the instrument to boost its performance. The cord to the amplifier from the guitar fits very well in the connections and does not wiggle around.

The guitar itself is sleek and clean, resistance to dents and chips. The adjustable neck and the amplifier add up to make a bundle that is thoroughly worth the price you pay!

RockJam 6 ST Style Electric Guitar Super Pack

The RockJam bundles comes with a quality constructed full size electric guitar with whammy bar, a 10 watt amp, a Guitar strap, a gig bag, spare strings and electric guitar picks this truly is an excellent option for any beginner electric guitarist or maybe a first electric guitar for kids.

The 10-watt amplifier comes with a headphone output as well as a guitar connector cable. The 3-band equalizer puts you in charge of the sound and lets you choose from the bass, middle or treble settings. The amp is adequately loud for personal use and between the gain, tone, and pickup selectors you can get lots of different sounds. The distortion is great, with just a hint of overdrive to make you feel like a rock head and the clean tones come out crisp and clear.

The exterior is contemporary in both shape and color. The vivid reds are eye catching and fresh and the high gloss makes it striking for performances. The metal gear heads, and a basswood body generate a truly refined sound with good clarity and resonance.

This is a great package for a beginning guitarist. It is also easy for long term guitarists to transition from acoustic to electric, using this guitar.

Apart from the easy tuning and exceptionally build, this bundle delivers its worth for the price point it comes at.

Rise by Sawtooth ST-RISE-ST-SB-KIT-1 Electric Guitar Pack

This basswood electric guitar bundles comes with a Portable Beginner's Amp, Guitar Strap, Guitar Cable, Gig Bag, Pitch Pipe, 3 Pick Sampler and free online lessons if you need a virtual trainer.

The finishing of the guitar itself is of prime quality with a basswood body, an adjustable maple neck, a maple fretboard, with dot inlays that tie the look together. The chrome hardware makes the overall look versatile with a contemporary flare to it.

This is a budget guitar that proves to be worth the price, especially if you’re looking for an instrument that’s compatible with beginners and professionals alike. The amplifier has everything you could want in a small amp and it doesn't disappoint when it comes to quality of sound it produces.

The accessories and add on-s work in sync with the instrument to boost its performance. These add on-s are of great quality too, so you wouldn’t be needing a replacement for a long time.

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