The Best Baseball Gloves for the Left-Handed in 2022

​Baseball gloves are an essential on the field. A baseball glove is a large leather glove worn by baseball players of the defending team. They are sometimes called “mitts.” They are meant to assist players in catching and fielding baseballs hit by a batter or thrown by another teammate.

If a baseball player is right-handed, he wears his glove on this left hand. Conversely, if a baseball player is left-handed, he wears his glove on his right hand. This allows the baseball player to throw the ball with the hand that is not occupied by the glove. Lefties, if you’re looking for baseball gloves to kick start your playing experience, or simply to replace your old ones- we have some picks for you!

Here are our picks for the top 3 favorite baseball gloves on the market this year:

Base ball gloves for left handed people

Franklin Sports Baseball and Softball Glove

This synthetic leather glove is a popularly quoted option for baseball ball gloves by both professionals and amateurs alike. The material is environmentally friendly, lightweight and responsive making the glove easy and quick to break in so it will be game-ready in no time for baseball, softball, or teeball. Why is breaking in so important? A glove that is harder to break in will result in callouses and bruises throughout the initial wearing period.

The glove features an adjustable wrist strap and contour fit system for a customizable thumb adjustment, this glove is designed to fit all players comfortably according to their preferences. The glove is thus, designed to fit broader and well as smaller proportioned hands. The hand formed pocket provides maximum comfort and responsive feel for making scoops and catches without drops.

On the environmentally friendly aspect, the glove is designed to imitate a true leather mitt in its performance, but without the down sides that leather products come with.

The gloves are available in a range of sizes for various purposes. The 14" size is for sure geared more for softball due to its size. The 13" would be geared for a baseball outfielder or for softball again. The smaller sizes 12.5, and 12" are geared more for baseball, but for sure could be used for softball.

Once the stitching relaxed and the leather stretched, it’ll serve you for a good few years without needing a replacement. Truly a value for money product.

Rawlings Player Preferred Adult Baseball/Softball Glove

The Rawlings glove is a 12 1/2-inch slow pitch adult baseball glove great for recreational baseball and softball games. The glove features a zero-shock palm padding for increased impact protection while catching. This quality paired with its quick and easy break makes this glove a game ready contender on the market.

Various models in this series will feature either a padded Velcro wrist strap or a pull strap with ZeroShock sting reduction technology that allows every player to create a customized fit around their wrist and hand that is most comfortable.

This glove is usually recommended to be used in recreational baseball and slow pitch softball. They also let players scoop up grounders and grab fly balls with relative ease.

What makes this glove a top pick? The type of webbing, of course. The Basket Web allows you to play nearly any position in the field, with ease and comfort.

Overall, the leather of the glove is thick yet supple, and the glove is well padded. The Velcro strap is also comfortable. The leather does take about 2 weeks to thoroughly break in, faster if you play frequently, and performs with sheer comfort after that period. Pro tip? It definitely helps to have glove oil and conditioner to help with break in.

Rawlings Sandlot Baseball Glove Series

This Rawlings glove is a 12-3/4-inch Baseball glove for men crafted from Full-Grain, oiled leather for a vintage look. One of its best features is the Zero shock palm pads that protect your hands while catching on the field.

Various models in this series will feature either a padded Velcro wrist strap or a pull strap with ZeroShock sting reduction technology that allows every player to create a customized fit around their wrist and hand that is most comfortable.

If you were wondering, yes, the glove is almost broken in on arrival, owing to the well-oiled leather. You would be able to make immediate use of it when it arrives. In terms of sizing, this size fits better to the needs of teens or average size adults.

Great combination of quality and usability, this glove goes about and beyond the description for other baseball gloves in the same price point. You won’t be disappointed in this investment that’ll last you a good few years.

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