Best Left-Handed Archery Bow

Left-handed archers live in a right-handed world. Frankly speaking however, we all do- the fact isn’t something that is confined to just archery. Statistically, 10 to 15 percent of the population is left-handed, and so, naturally products are primarily catered to this vast majority. In archery, the way you shoot should pertain to eye dominance, rather than hand preference. Unfortunately, right-handed dominance can make life difficult when lefties go shopping for a left-handed bow and related equipment.

Here are five things left-handed archers should keep in mind while browsing for equipment:

1. Fun fact? All manufacturers make right- and left-handed models. But your local shop may not have the bow you need in its proper size, draw length and draw weight- especially if you are left handed, but you can most certainly find a plethora of products online that are build to suit your requirements- keep reading to find out more on our picks for the best left-handed archery bow.

2. Release aids for compound shooters all can be used by right- and left-handed shooters. Some simply swivel into position for use either way, while others require minor adjustments with tools to complete the switch. They are mostly manufactured and packaged to suit a right-handed person’s needs, but fret not- a quick tutorial on YouTube can help you adjust the model to your requirements. Be sure to check the packaging instructions as well- that can help you out as well!

3. Some sights are made for right-handed or left-handed archers, while others are ambidextrous. That is, you can set up one sight for either left- or right-handed use. Be aware, however, this usually means the sight amenities will be “upside down” for lefties. For example, the normal configuration for most sights is to have the level on the bottom of the sight guard, and the light shining down from the top. Ambidextrous sights will be set that way for right-handed shooters. When set up for lefties, however, such sights typically have the level on the top and the light on the bottom.

4. Be prepared to special order a lot of your gear. Many pro shops simply don’t keep on hand the same selection of left-handed equipment as they do right-handed – especially the high-end, high-dollar gear. They’ll tell you they can get what you want, but you have to special order it.

5. Bowhunters often will find tree stands, stick ladders and other gear set by the manufacturer for right-handed archers. For example, ratchet straps often are connected to tree stands at the factory so that they must be tightened with your right hand. Usually, you can switch these straps at home for left-handed use.

That being said, here is our pick for Best Left-Handed Archery Bow on the market.

Genesis Original Kit

The Genesis Original Kit: Archery Bow
  • The Genesis Original Kit is the official bow of the National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP), and thus comes highly recommended by professionals and trainees alike.
  • The Genesis is a great starter bow for archers of all ages, sizes and athletic abilities. Covers all standard draw lengths ranging between 15″-30″. With no specific draw length requirement, kids cannot outgrow this bow. Genesis bows are the first compound bows designed to eliminate let-off and specific draw length requirements, making it the perfect choice for beginner and intermediate archers of all ages, sizes and athletic abilities.
  • The light draw weight comes standard at 20 lbs. and can be safely lowered to 10 lbs. All you need is a 3/16″ hex wrench (provided) to adjust draw weight
  • They’re a great introduction to the sport of archery because beginners won’t develop bad habits caused by an ill-fitting bow.
  • It comes in a variety of colors like the standard primary colors as well as camo designs.
  • Includes a machined 6061-T6 aluminum riser, aluminum cam and idler wheel, sturdy composite limbs and high-strength bowstrings – all made in the USA.
  • The Genesis Bow is built with single-cam technology, there are no tuning issues, less recoil, less noise and more accurate shooting.
  • What this kit includes: Bow, belt tube quiver, adjustable arm guard, five (5) aluminum arrows, 3/16″ hex wrench and an Owner’s Manual.
  • The kit comes with a warranty as well- which is a great reassurance to the overall product quality and material selection.

Are you looking to purchase products catering to the left-handed and unsure where to start? Continue reading our compiled reviews of tried and trusted products made especially for the left-handed, from the Best Hunting and Target Bows for the left-handed to sports equipment perfect for every game, we are your one-stop for all All Things Left-Handed.

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