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Best Mouse for Left Handed People

Three of the biggest dilemmas I encountered as a left-handed person were smudges, scissors and the mouse. Sharing a cramped desk with three other right-handers in middle school didn’t help either. Soon, as computers became an integral part of the education system, the need to find a mouse that could work with my dominant hand quickly became a priority. Adapting to a mouse was a metaphorical rough patch. We worked through numerous designs, ones that streamlined with the palm, ones that glided across the surface and ones that refused to budge. The takeaways from this research? This list. Here’s a quick gathering of potentially user-friendly mouse’ that could help narrow down and concentrate your search.

Best Left Handed Mouse, Lekvey Wireless 2.4G USB Left Hand Ergonomic Vertical Mouse

This sleek black left-handed mouse comes in a very distinct shape that curves under your palm and helps with smooth gliding over the mouse pad.

The ergonomic shape is slightly tilted to the left, to facilitate an easy grab without bending wrist and arm. The buttons on the mouse are meant to be easy to reach for, reducing stress on fingers and wrists of a left handed person.

However, how you adapt to the mouse depends on the size and shape of your hand. People with larger hands seem to experience some difficulty maneuvering the mouse, whereas others claim that it works fine once they’d gotten used to the special shape.

A great point to note is the space on the mouse that serves as a much-needed thumb rest. The entire left side of the left-handed mouse is curved inward from the top and then, from the middle of the mouse, it is curved outward until the bottom. So, you will get some support for your thumb there because the curvature of it will cradle your thumb.

Another plus point is the power saving feature. All you need to do to turn your mouse back on is simply click the mouse, when you do, the light comes on, letting you know it's turned on again. 

A quick tip I can offer is to know the dimensions of your palm and to compare it with the product dimensions, so that you have a clear idea of what you’re looking at. 

Logitech M525 Wireless Mouse – The Best - Long 3 Year Battery Life, Ergonomic Shape for Right or Left Hand Use, Micro-Precision Scroll Wheel, and USB Unifying Receiver for Computers and Laptops

This mouse can be used ambidextrously, with soft rubber grips that keep your hand comfortable.

The scroll button is placed at a convenient distance from the front of the mouse, reducing strain on the fingers, while still gliding seamlessly over the mouse pad.

With this product, you’re pretty much getting what they’re advertising- smooth flow and reach, comfortable use, and so on- the picture is pretty black and white due to its standard design aspects. This mouse is also symmetrical, and you can program the buttons to suit a left handed person or a right handed.

The mouse poses a great advantage by being compatible with both windows and Mac devices.

The mouse’ compact shape could, however, pose a problem if your palms are a little over the average size- so, like before, noting the dimensions can really help here as well.

ELECOM M-XT4DRBK Wireless Trackball mouse for Left Handed, EX-G series L size 2.4GHz 6 buttons Black -One of the best!

This mouse features yet another unique design shape.

The design seems to have focused on the 6 skeletal structures and muscles of hands, aiming to achieve an increased comfort of use. The button at the ring-finger position can be customized to the desired user function.

The mouse comes with a trackball feature. What does it do? The sole use of this is spinning the ball to move the cursor.

The right side of the mouse doesn't slope away too dramatically, leaving the wrist flatter with the Elecom. The ball position is more to the side, but that works well with different wrist positions. I’d say the positioning of the wrist hasn’t posed any problems so far.

Overall, this mouse seems to have a customer focus, its design features aiming at increasing comfort during user interaction.

However, the mouse itself seems to have been met with varied reviews, the most common complaint coming from the less-than-smooth functioning of the scroll and central button. On the other spectrum, customers claim that the mouse works like any other ordinary mouse, smooth but with no particular standouts.

Perixx PERIMICE-713L, Wireless Ergonomic Left Handed Vertical Mouse, 6 Buttons Design, 3 Level DPI

Similar to the Levky mouse, the Perixx claims to nullify repetitive strain injuries for users who spend long working hours on the computer, owing to its ergonomic design and shape.

The six buttons on the mouse can be smoothly accessed to perform various commands and operations.

This sleek black mouse has been met with largely positive reviews, most claiming that the shape fits the hand perfectly, specially for a left handed person.

The mouse has been commented to function like a traditional one, just with a vertical shape that makes is extremely user friendly.

The ultimate selling point, however, is the long-lasting battery life. The in-built sleep mode has allowed me to keep using the same battery for months in a row!

The Perixx is great for a left handed person but it can also be used by right-handed people who are suffering from constant wrist and finger pains, which looks like a definite bonus! All you must do is to switch the primary and secondary button settings on the mouse to switch to your dominant hand.

Wireless Mouse, Splaks 2.4Ghz Wireless Mice 4 Buttons Portable Office Mouse 3 Adjustable DPI Left Hand Mouse with Nano USB Receiver for Computer, Laptop, MacBook-BKRD

This solely lefties intended mouse has a dynamic shape that is contoured shape seamlessly to fit and moves with your palm.

The shape has a certain streamlined quality that brings about a smoother glide over the surface of the mouse pad or desk.

This is a 3-button mouse with two extra features built into the scroll wheel. Push the scroll wheel left or right and it will go back or forward when surfing the internet on any browser.
This is an excellent mouse in my opinion without the need for two side buttons for this feature. The mouse buttons are also programmable for ease of use for any user.

The USB that connects to the device can be stored inside the mouse when not in use. There is a slot near the batteries, which is a convenient feature.

Most customers agree that the mouse fits just about any hand shape, but some have noted certain sounds emitting from the mouse itself. However, if you are thinking of purchasing this mouse, keep in mind that it works best with window’s devices.

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We have researched thousands of products for left-handed people. 

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