4 Best Left Handed Keyboards for 2022

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In a world filled with 90% of the right handed dominants, 10% of the suppressed left handed people are often suffering. It’s like their needs are unnoticed and the struggles simply pile up day after day. With the IT world quickly climbing the ladders, working with tech products became a basic necessity. But how can a left handed person work on a device designed for right-handed use? When you are paying bucks to buy that product, why compromise on comfort?

The keyboard is an important component on a computer and that’s one of the main things that pose a problem to lefties. The number pad is on the right side and a lot of bending or twisting is needed to access it with the left hand. The buttons like ‘Delete’ and ‘Backspace’ are too far from the dominant hand’s reach. Moreover, the positioning of the mouse becomes a problem. Yes, we can easily put the mouse to the left and use it. But what about those USB ports which are to the left in most of the laptops and keyboards? It’s not fun when the mouse is always colliding with them.

An interesting technological development is the introduction of keyboards with smart card readers. Some also come with a swiping system. And now, on which side of the keyboard do you think these cardholders are present?
Right, of course!

Now, don’t you think the whole scenario demands keyboards that are left-hander friendly? Exactly! And there are a few of them that benefit the lefties. These keyboards are designed such that they provide ergonomic profits to a common left-hander and also help them get their work done sooner.

DSI Left Handed Mechanical Keyboard Cherry Red KB-DS-8861XPU-B-V2

What if you’re getting the ergonomic keyboard along with a very trendy look? Wouldn’t that be a dream come true? The keyboard is undoubtedly the best addition to your technological setup. It has a flexible design, well-spaced keys and a good positioning of the important keys. The number pad is shifted to the left side and the crucial keys like ‘Delete’, ‘Caps Lock’, and ‘Shift’ are towards the left side too. You can say that they are more or less in the center. So, you don’t have to sway from one side to another to use them. The right side has the ‘backspace’ and enters keys that do not fall in the troublesome department. You either hold them for long or only use them once in a while. So, having them to the right won’t pose a major problem. The set up will provide you with enough space to place your mouse at your own comfort zone.

You can perfectly time your keystrokes and the smooth keys will support your action. Neither are they rubbing against each other or extremely hard to press. They spring back immediately and they’ve also been tested for long life. In fact, the keys can be pressed and you won’t find them wearing out up to 20 million or more clicks. That’s a very convenient benefit for the users. Your wrists do not suffer from over pressing, shifting or struggled movement. And your boss will appreciate your enhanced work speed is. Moreover, having such devices will motivate you to work for a longer time or keep you comfortable to not feel fatigued easily.

The detection of action from this keyboard is pretty fast and the computer connectivity is great too. It is a wired device so you will have to make USB connections. This is the best fit for office and house usage. But there are people who won’t like wired techno products and that’s understandable. But the wires are bold enough so that you can easily untangle them on accidental tangling. The basic keyboard bezel is large to accommodate the keys, ensure flexible usage and give optimum support. This doesn’t affect the keyboard’s fit on your computer table. The price is affordable and a good buy if you are looking for a long-lasting solution

If you see the other side of the coin, the keyboard does have flaws that you should know about. Firstly, I took some time to search for the ‘Backspace’ key on the keyboard. The designer went for the old layout and put the small ‘arrow’ as the backspace key. It kind of blends in with the alphabetical keys and it’s smaller too. That’s not something I’d personally prefer. Backspace is best when it’s big.

Secondly, the keys aren’t angled and stand flat on the base. There are no backlights or radium prints to support users in the dark. If you are a nocturnal owl, then you have to put your lights on to work on it.

Both of these might not be your cons since preferences differ on an individual basis. On a whole, DLS offers a classy keyboard with colored keys and an older styled layout that will remind you of the good old day.

Homelex Left-Handed Left Number Keyboard 

Another left handed keyboard in the market that you can consider buying. This is another wired keyboard in the market that serves the purpose rightly. The number pad is shifted and the function keys are aligned in the center. Even the backspace key has the modern layout and doesn’t come in the arrow format like the previous keyboard. The thickness of the keys isn’t too much and they are very lucid to work with. Any spinal or wrist issues you have will be gone before you know it. The movement is minimized and you don’t have to spend all your calories in shifting between the keyboard and the mice. Convenient desk space is created to use the mouse and also keep your books and pens close.

Remember how I was discussing the USB ports in the Keyboards? Yes, they are often to the sides and end up clashing with the mouse. Even after having space for the mouse, having those USB slots there can be an issue. However, this keyboard solves this problem for us! It has the USB ports at the top, next to the connectivity wire. This is a brilliant thought that the designer had. No more fuss about interrupting pen drives and colliding devices. Unlike some keyboards that are in the market today, this one allows easy insertion and detachment in the slots.

The keyboard dimensions make sure that it is less heavy and portable despite being a wired device. The keys are close but do not rub against each other. The noise on typing is not very conspicuous. However, the device is on a higher budget range despite being a wired one. But that is something I’ll not worry about seeing how the other features are quite impressive and useful. 

B945 Light Strike Optical Gaming Keyboard by Bloody Gaming | Left Handed Num-pad | RGB LED Backlit Keyboard | Tactile & Clicky Key Feedback | Detachable Wrist Rest | Ergonomic Design | LK Libra Orange

B945 Light Strike Optical Gaming Keyboard by Bloody Gaming | Left Handed Num-pad | RGB LED Backlit Keyboard | Tactile & Clicky Key Feedback | Detachable Wrist Rest | Ergonomic Design | LK Libra Orange

The first thing you will notice about this keyboard is its terrific design and layout! I had my eyes popping out when I first came across it. All the ardent gamers and the ones’ who like to add something different into their lives will love this keyboard. Coming to the ergonomic benefits of the keyboard, the keypad of numbers is shifted to the center and the alpha keys are more or less in the center. And the keys that you hardly use, like the ‘Page up’ and ‘Page Down’, are put on the right side. That is a convenient set up for a lefty. A good way to stay away from wrist and finger fatigue.

And the keyboard comes with terrific night usage ability. Yes, it has backlights that will help the user access it even in dim lighting. Gamers will definitely stay up nights to play their favorite games. You will love the thoughtfulness put into making the keyboard. The keys are of a bigger size and have good elevation. I thought the keys will not be lucid while using because of their bigger size. But I was proved wrong. The keys are absolutely perfect when it comes to delivering quick response and multiple keys can be sued easily to give in short cut inputs. The function keys are centered for an easy approach.

The best feature of this product is its damage-proof design. The material used to make the tech-product is anodized aluminum which instantly launches this keyboard to the upper spot when compared to the other plastic-made ones. A nano-coating is done on both the sides of the keyboard that prevents water seeping on accidental spills. There are drainage holes to allow the free exit of the water or any liquid substance that falls on it. The keyboard is made in such a way that it can withstand up to 100 million keystrokes and difficult combinations too. The digital optical sensors are digital and are less prone to external damage.

The most attractive point about the keyboard is the LED effect. It has 6 RGB LED lighting settings and you can jump from one animation to another. Using the function keys, you can easily choose a display style. Apart from computer gaming, playing with this lighting is also fun! I do it all the time!

This is a little pricey and comes with wiring but that’s nothing if you think about the other benefits. The gaming keyboard that is having exceptional features and is made especially for left handed people.

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