10 best things every left-handed student must own in 2022

Left Handed Student

Is there a significant difference between the lifestyle of a left handed student and a right-handed one? Or do you think that the hands change and everything else remains the same?

Will the left-handed people write, eat, and use the same things as a typical right-handed person does?

No, it is not the same in all cases.

You must have sat beside a right-handed classmate and collided with his hand more than once while working. The ink on your paper must have smudged because of the way you angle your writing. Your chair is uncomfortable or your table has the wrong dimensions.

You are not alone though and this is the scenario of most of the left handed geniuses.

Here are some of the important items that you can add to your shopping list to make your lefty life easier.


Left H​​​​anded Pens

For a left handed student, writing that 10-page essay on the Russian revolution itself is a huge task. But what if the submission time is less? Oh, Almighty! That will be a whole new headache again. You have to increase your pace without losing your hold on the pen. You have to avoid those ink globs and smudges to impress the teacher. What will you do?

And then there is the problem of not being able to see what you are writing. How will you complete the essay on time? Who will help you?

Perfect Lefty Pen!

It is designed to provide you with the best grip and the curves will let you see what you are writing. Moreover, the fast-drying technology of the ink will prevent smudges. They are known to flow freely and promote lucid writing. So, you don’t have to worry about the globs either.


Left handed Pencil Grip

You see your classmates holding their pencil in a sort of way and try to mimic them. But did you notice that it doesn’t work for you? Do you find your handwriting being unintelligible and your drawings going haywire?

The problem lies in the grip! Get a grip!

Usually, pencils don’t come with a friendly grip and it becomes difficult for a left-hander to hold on to them. Especially, when you are trying to get the subtle curves in drawings or perfecting that calligraphy text. Also, the involuntary tight hold on the pencil can swell your knuckles and leave you with hand pain.

The grip is all you need to get the right hold and also to give proper support to your fingers. The strain will be lesser and you will see a good change in your handwriting and your drawings will start to make sense too!


Left handed Student Calendar/Planner

While the rest of the world runs from right to left, the setup shifts for the left-handers.


Our journey goes from the left to the right! Doesn’t it?

And in that case, we also need planners and calendars that will help us do that. We see something interesting but fail to make notes immediately because of the way the planner is bound.

Our Brain’s activity is biased towards the left so we find it awkward to turn pages from right to left. Also, that wicked spiral pokes the elbows.

This calls for us to choose those planners with the spiral binding to their right!

These will give lefties enough space to write and do not force them to change their angle. The important content is printed towards the left so you can turn the pages comfortably and in the direction that is most pleasing to you.


Left handed Scissors

Ergonomic scissors that are designed for right handers will not serve the purpose when a left hander yields them. Why is that?

Give it a thought.

How does it feel when you use your left hand to cut the circle on the paper?

Ah! The scissors are acting against the applied direction of the force. They are refusing to come together and cut as they should. You end up trying to put in more pressure and that will ultimately give you a sour thumb. And to make the situation worse, you fail to see the line you are supposed to cut on because of the scissor blade.

Now you are in search of a savior…

The solution to that is left handed scissors.

They give a better grip and work more efficiently for lefties. The upper blade doesn’t conceal the line of cut and you don’t have to use Thor’s strength to bring the blades together. Your thumb will thank you for not subjecting it to physical torture.


Left handed Student Notebook

In a typical classroom scenario or maybe a conference session, the teacher is not going to stop her lecture or the guest won’t stop for you to note down the points at your pace. And then there is this issue of not getting the speed because you can’t angle your hand properly.

The margins in the book are posing a problem to the poor left hand and yet you are trying your best to get something good into that book. In the end, session or class is done and you are left with no proper notes. Well, you can opt for a no margin book or use plain white sheets and scribble your bullet points. Then again, you are unable to write in straight lines. What to do?

That's where the Left handed notebooks come into the picture!

They are made for left handed students so that they don’t have to strain their bodies to write properly. The margins and spiral are shifted to the right. The rules or margins are comparatively bigger to accommodate your text and sometimes the binding also comes over the book at the top. This will help you to write lucidly without interruptions. You don’t have to turn your book or place it differently to write faster.


Smudge Guard

Don’t get me started about the smudges over a left hander’s book. Of course, we can’t help it!

Involuntarily, lefties drag their hands while writing and improper drying will spread the ink all across the sheet. Some find that sort of writing to be more comfortable and cannot do otherwise. Even during sketching or drawing, there is an instance when you have to press, drag or move your hand across some lines that are already put on the paper.

Even if you have that perfect lefty pen with fast-drying ink, your sweat or wet hands can be your enemies too. But what if there is a way to avoid the damage?

Smudge guards will be your warrior knights! Yes!

It is a simple glove that can be worn on your left hand so that a physical barrier is created between the sheet and your body. This does a very good job to keep sweat and moisture away from the paper. While drawing, it also allows free movement of the hand to get the strokes and curves correctly.


​Laptop Table

When you buy a normal laptop table, the baffles to hold the laptop are inevitably oriented towards the right side. So being a healthy left hander, you will bend towards the right and type slowly with your right hand. It becomes difficult to concentrate on the screen and also your back starts hurting after a point.

Unknowingly, even your hands and eyes will take the full force of the strain. This is not how you want your work to be.

You have to buy a left-handed Laptop Table

The baffles are towards the left so that you can position your laptop without slipping. You don’t have to bend or strain your spine while typing and your motor skills will work better when you are using the left hand. The work efficiency is not affected and you can relax without putting an involuntary strain on yourself.


Left handed Mouse

This again is similar to what I told about the laptop table. Funnily, a left hander’s right is a right hander’s left.

Heard of the famous saying, “Your right is my left”? That’s how it is with a computer mouse too.

The perspective of the buttons changes for a left-hander. You use your index finger to easily click the mouse and most often, computer functions need the left button of the mouse to receive commands. So, smartly, the mouse’s left button is closer to the index finger. But for a left hander, the design needs to change if they want to use it from the left side.

Of course, they can always use the mouse with the right hand but why do you have to compromise?

That’s why you have to start using a left-handed mouse.

In this, the buttons are swapped for user comfort. The left button shifts to the right so that lefties can access it with the index finger of their left hand.


Left handed Keyboard

When you have a dominant left side, the keyboard should be in sync with that. With a right-handed one, there is a lot of bending, overreaching, the strain on the shoulders and back. This is a discomfort for people who work for long hours, right?

And despite taking that left-handed mouse, you are confused as to which side to place it. If you have a right-handed keyboard, that lefty mouse is of no use. Because ultimately, you come back to the starting point of the game.

Also, you cannot give the multi-key commands properly with the non-dominant hand.

Lefty Keyboards have a different arrangement of the keys for ergonomic benefits. The number pad, that you use often, is shifted to the left and the rest of the keys will be to the right. So, you can keep your shoulders straight all day and conveniently use the mouse and the keys. It becomes easier for you to give multi-key commands with your left hand.


​Office Furniture

Your boss pays you well but if he fails to give you comfortable seating, how do you deliver the work? That’s the case for most of the left-handers. The right-oriented world forgets that a part of the population cannot use their supplies

The most important one is the office desk. These are usually made with the seating to the left and the right side has the drawers and openings. So, a left-handed person should use his right hand to do the job. In banks or insurance companies, threaded pens are attached to the right side and you cannot use them without turning in odd angles or standing.

This is why lefty-friendly desks are needed. The drawers will be to the left so that you can easily access the items and even the pens are tied to the left for proper writing.

Though office chairs are side friendly, some of them have an extended desk. Having that on the right side will pose a problem to left dominant people. Imagine the gymnastics you have to do t use that desk. You’d rather use the wall for support than those futile desks.

That’s why chairs with an extended desk to the left are necessary. It will give you space to rest your left arm and also prevent the strain on your back.

There are several other products in the market that are lefty friendly and will help you improve your performance. Why settle for something less when you can grab your own comfort?

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We have researched thousands of products for left-handed people. 

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